Monday, January 8, 2018

A New Quilt

On New Year's Day there was a one day quilt along called Merry Mayhem Mystery. After I looked at the requirements, I realized that it needed only four fabrics and that you could make it in the size that you wanted and felt would work best for you. Since I have a lot of fabric in my stash, I was hoping to use some of it up. Each colour needed less than one yard/metre of fabric and so I chose my four fabrics and waited until the last clue was released. Then I got to work and started the quilt. I wanted a new quilt on one of the twin beds in the bedroom that the grandchildren use when they visit.

These were my four chosen colours.

Sometimes it pays to wait and in this case, the instructions were a bit off so I saved myself some figuring out.

There was some cutting, some sewing and then more cutting.

Of course, the iron was put to work too. 

Here's the finished top laying on one of the beds.

I have enough of the fabrics that I could add borders to make it a tad bigger. I finished this just today and now it's folded up and in the closet waiting to be worked on when I have more time to devote to it. 
I don't usually do well on quilt alongs. Something usually happens in my life and I end up having to get other things done.

Now I have to cut and prepare some background pieces for another quilt. I'm also knitting another headband with reflective yarn. I just hope there's enough yarn left in the ball.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Psst free shipping

"Only in Canada, you say..."

Forgive me, that was a throw back to a tea commercial.

Anyway, Sew Sisters quilt shop has free shipping in Canada from now until January 7th. It saves postage, wear and tear on your vehicle, gas... You get the picture.

Hop on over. I have no affiliation to the store at all. I am just letting my Canuck followers know that they can shop postage free.

Here's some random photos of fabric (not what's on offer at Sew Sisters.)

I don't know where this came from.

Another bundle.

Older fabrics from a friend. I guess I should us the doggy one in a child's quilt.

See? Lots of fabric in my stash so I don't think I'll be purchasing anything. However, there was a really nice bundle...

Enjoy! Maybe you will find something that you can use in one of the BOMs that I listed in the previous post.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Blocks of the Month

Quite a few of us eagerly wait for January and the beginning of a Block of the Month program. There are several out there. Here's a few I have come across and feel free to check them out. It's one way to use up your stash.

Oh, and by the way, these are BOMs with no charge. Most are free for the whole month and then, if you missed that month and want to catch up, you can pay for the block.

This is a Fat Cat pattern called Gnome for the Holidays.
You can get it here. The first block will be posted in February but the fabric requirements have been posted already.

It's a "Wild" Life BOM has various quilters designing a block for their designated month. 
You can find the list of participating designers here. This too starts in February.

Kat, of Next Step Quilt Designs has an interesting star-themed quilt.

Sew Can She had a year of mini quilts in 2017. You can still get the patterns (that's where the link will lead you to) and Caroline had so much fun, she is  doing it again for 2018. This too will have different designers for each month.

Edit: I forgot to add, if you are into a lot of hand stitching, Jenny of ELEFANTZ has a year long embroidery BOM.

OK, I was going to tell you about the colourful bears but here's a link where you can find even more Blocks of the Month. 


Friday, December 29, 2017

Last minute little things

Just before Christmas I was quite busy. The cookies never got baked because I didn't have time to make them. The festive cookie jars were out but they were empty. There was enough of other things to snack on. I may make some cookies later - or I might not. There are way too many other things to occupy my time with. Here are a few things that got made just before Christmas.

One fat quarter, some extra wide bias tape and little Teemu has his very own apron. He loves corn, by the way.

This is a hooded towel. The outer fabric is soft, warm flannel and the lining of course, is toweling material. I bought towels and cut them up because it was less expensive than buying toweling fabric.

I had a lot of flannel so I didn't have to buy any.

I only had to decide who gets what flannel. I made 6 altogether.

One towel didn't have enough fabric for the whole thing so I used another towel for the hood. They weren't hard to make - just time consuming. A lot of straight stitching. All of them are top-stitched too.

Little Wren needed some soother strings. These were made after Christmas.

Little Teemu was visiting yesterday and had a runny nose so he would get a tissue but I noticed that under his nose, his lip was red. I had him choose the fabric for his very own handkerchiefs. These are flannel.

I had some leftover flannel with animals on it but then, when I showed him these, he wanted the doughnuts. So, that's what he got. The flannel is so much gentler and softer for his nose.

And lastly, my daughter Maili wanted a headband with a twist in the front.

So, I finished this yesterday. It's made from Red Heart's Reflective Yarn. I had made arm bands with the same kind of yarn before but Maili wanted a headband. It shines at night when light hits it so if she is out walking, running or riding her bike, hopefully, she'll be seen.

It's too cold these days to be doing much of anything outside so I'm concentrating on finishing up some projects. We've had some snow too.

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas with family and friends.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Just a little update

Here's the last mug rug I made. The little Dresden plate was made a couple of years ago and I finally got to use it. I had always meant to make it into a mug rug but it never got finished - until now.

The colour is not that good in this photo. 
I enjoyed making all the mug rugs.

This is one of the wheelchair quilts that Marg and I are making.

This is the other one. We cut the backing for both but won't start quilting them until the New Year. We thought one was more feminine and the other could be used by a male.

I finished this blanket for little Atticus. It's been delivered so I can show it now. It took one whole ball of yarn - not my favourite acrylic.

These are two little dresses that I just finished for the twins. I hope they like them. They are made out of knit fabric that is brushed on the reverse so it's nice and soft against their skin.

I've still got some things on my list of sewing and knitting so hopefully, I can get something finished this coming week.

The temperature is a bit milder for the next couple of days. Perhaps it will be warm enough to melt the little bit of snow we have.
Try not to stress over the holidays. If you don't get everything done, that's OK. Just do the important things on your list first and all will be good.